Inclusive Learning Strategies training course

Inclusive Learning Strategies training course

Inclusive Learning Strategies is an Erasmus+ Training Course which aims to increase active participation and involvement of young people in learning processes, through the creation of educational environments, using non-formal education methods.

The project also promotes cooperation between the NGO sector and the formal system, in order to facilitate and enhance the transferability of know-how between non-formal educational programs and the formal education system, aiming to form a network of YWs capable of using these methods to carry out activities in cooperation with formal education.

Inclusive Learning Strategies

Activities of the project

The participants in this project were youth workers dealing with the social inclusion of young people with disabilities, from the network of partner organizations, having an active role within them. The profile of youth workers selected from each organization was the following:

– social workers, teachers, educators, pedagogists, psychologists, counselors, therapists and professionals who work in the field of education and social inclusion

– members, volunteers or collaborators in any way of the sending organization,

– people with experience in the youth field and in working with young people with disabilities,

– young people with motivation and interest for the project,

– age > 18.

All of the participants were able at the end of the training to share and disseminate what they learned during the course in their organizations and communities.

Inclusive Learning Strategies

Activities during the meeting

During the project each organization shared the experience, knowledge, methodologies and best practices in the field of inclusive methods used to support people with special needs.

Inclusive Learning Strategies

During the meeting

The course took place in the city of Cagliari (Italy) from 10 – 15 of November, and it involved 30 youth workers from 9 different European countries: Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Latvia, Romania, Spain and Poland.