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Markos Evlogimenos

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Markos Evlogimenos

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Markos was born in Athens in 1998, but he grew up in the beautiful island of Syros. From a young age, Markos developed a passion about comics and animation which inspired him to follow in the footsteps of the major comic creators and start his own strip.

In 2016 he began studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts with a specialization in painting. His inherent creativity and curiosity led him to experiment with various art forms. Such as photography, videography, ceramics, mosaic, embroidery, engraving, fueling even more his passion for the art of stop motion and to write and create comics, which he intends to pursue and develop even more. Markos goes under the nickname Blessed Zines and has attended many conventions and festivals, such as LAComics Festival vol 2 (2020), Comicdom (2019), Zinefest (2018), Zineit (2017) to showcase his work. Furthermore, he has featured in exhibitions, like Oresteia Reversed and Still Frames Animated Music. You can follow him on Instagram (blessed_zines), where you can discover and learn all about his new creations.


LA Comics VOL2

Mylos Papa, Larissa





Comicdom Con

French Institute, Athens





Blessed quarantine diary
Various works

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