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Project co-financed by the Erasmus+ program | Youth Education


Project co-financed by the Erasmus+ program | Youth Education

Poland Łódź
31 July - 13 August 2019

An exciting opportunity calls upon 15 artists and performers aged 16 to 28 for an all-expenses-covered workshop in Lodz, Poland, as part of the "Circulation of Rights, a Variety of Possibilities" project. Hosted in collaboration with Strefa Inspiracji Irozwoju, this initiative aims to elevate diverse social themes and experiences.

The program seeks to heighten awareness around human rights, advocate for animal rights, promote tolerance, and cultivate creativity among young individuals. By fostering intercultural understanding and encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, the project aims to bolster European unity while nurturing personal interests and empowering youth to combat discrimination. It's an avenue for these budding artists and performers to explore critical societal issues, fostering a more inclusive, aware, and tolerant society.

Through their art, advocacy, and newfound knowledge, participants are empowered to champion change within their communities and beyond, amplifying their voices for a brighter, more accepting future

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