Project co-financed by the Erasmus+ program | Youth Education


Project co-financed by the Erasmus+ program | Youth Education

Straja, Romania
2-8 September 2023

The "GreenAbility" youth exchange program is an exciting initiative designed to foster sustainability and inclusivity. With a dedicated team of 10 enthusiastic young participants, the program aims to achieve several crucial goals.

Through engaging workshops, skill-building activities, intercultural exchanges, nature explorations, and collaborative initiatives, the program intends to instill environmental awareness, equip youth with practical skills for community impact, encourage cross-cultural dialogue, promote nature immersion, and initiate sustainable projects. The program's success is measured by the participants' enriched knowledge, enhanced skills, cultural appreciation, and the launch of sustainable community efforts.

"GreenAbility" aims to create empowered, environmentally conscious leaders, inspiring positive change towards a more inclusive and sustainable world. Stay tuned for updates as our participants embark on this impactful journey!

In collaboration with:

Babilon Travel, Romania


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