Move & Act - Ενίσχυση της νεολαίας μέσω επιχειρηματικών και ψηφιακών δεξιοτήτων

For two and a half years the consortium of the MOVE & ACT will be working in this very special project that supports the development of specific digital, creative and entrepreneurial skills for young people. The main purpose of this skills development is to help young people to form a European identity, increase their employability, raise their voices and interact with the local, National and European.

The social distancing and isolation that happened for two last years due to the pandemic, revealed a great demand for young people to stay connected with other peers, to interact, to express themselves and find a way out through arts. Young people in many countries were confined to their homes and for many of them digital technologies and arts were the only way of connection with the outside world. Moreover, the often precarious nature of creative work has made artists and cultural professionals particularly vulnerable to the economic shocks that the pandemic has triggered. A need for new entrepreneurial ventures started to appear.

The project has 3 objectives:

  1. Developing artistic and digital skills for marginalized young people. The artistic skills will focus on the Visual Arts field and the digital skills will focus on innovative new technologies that can be used in combination with the artistic activity such as 3D design, printing and scanning.This objective we expect to be fulfilled with the MOVE & ACT Training program (Work Package 2).
  2. Creation of a network of youth at risk of social exclusion providing entrepreneurial tools, developing the sense of belonging and self-esteem, the common interest for visual arts, and finally empowering their inclusive and entrepreneurial perspective.This objective we expect to be fulfilled with the MOVE & ACT Digital Hub (Work Package 3).
  3. Give the opportunity to young marginalized people to raise their voice about their personal or their communities challenges. This will be achieved with the organization of an Online PhotoVoice Contest and Exhibition which will allow the sharing of those challenges to public audience and the increase of the creativity, cultural expression and employability of young people.This objective will be fulfilled with the MOVE & ACT Online PhotoVoice Contest and Exhibition (Work Package 4).


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