Easy paths – guide to museums of Thessaloniki

The “EASY PATHS” Guide wishes to collect and list the most accessible* Museums of Thessaloniki, including some short and useful information for a visit to the city with cultural interest.

It contains a complete list of the most accessible* Museums of Thessaloniki and historical information from the foundation of the city until today.

easy paths guide

Instructions and useful advice on how to arrive and get around the city are also provided, always adapted to the needs of visitors with disabilities.

The Guide aims to be practical, informative and easy to use, in order to attract and facilitate visitors with disabilities and their families, both from Greece and abroad.

εασυ πατησ γθιδε

It seeks to be an example of good practice, which will combine the promotion of Thessaloniki’s cultural heritage with the promotion of social inclusion of people with disabilities and thus the reduction of social inequalities.

The texts and accompanying material of the Guide (maps and images) are in an accessible format, i.e. provided in formats that allow each person to access content “on an equal basis with others”.