“New Circus” an Erasmus+ youth training program

New circus

“Circulation of rights, a variety of possibilities”, is an Erasmus+ youth training program (01/05 – 30/09/2019). It aims at the development of New Circus Art in raising awareness on social issues, like human rights, discrimination towards religions or races, fight for animal rights and respect for human dignity.

The course has other objectives also. A few to name are:

  • The increase of intercultural awareness.
  • The stimulant of creativity and a sense of entrepreneurship among young people.
  • The reinforcement of European cohesion for the common welfare.
  • The development of passion and interest for the choice of the future career.
  • The promotion of civic responsibility among youth to prevent discrimination.

New Circus Art is a combination of different arts which give to the youth a lot of possibilities for their development. While evolving it is enriched with more fields like theater , re socialization , education and free time animation. Jugglers, acrobats or clowns, are people who use their art to raise issues and engage their viewers to take part in the thinking process.

For many initiators circus art is a great passion. Young people are eager to prove that with passion, talent and determination you can achieve your goals. Thus getting your dream job.

Participants in this project were young people with ages between 16 and 28. They came from Poland and Greece and are actively involved in circus arts, theater and animation. They are also interested in animal rights, in promoting the non-trivial and unique, artistic jobs and social issues.

During the project the participants made use of various methods. Such as observation, demonstration, brainstorming, ICT tools, visual methods, metaplan and many more. They also participated in discussion panels to fully understand and share the goals of the project.